“Stuck Elevator” by Byron Au Yong • Workshop Performance April 20, 2012 • 4:00 p.m. • Wing Luke Museum

Stuck Elevator is a comic-rap-scrap-metal-operatic musical prompted by the real-life experience of a deliveryman who gets trapped in an elevator after delivering a routine order of shrimp fried rice.

Working at Happy Dragon Restaurant in the Bronx, our hero pays a $60,000 debt to smugglers for his passage from China to the United States; from a country touted as the next global economic superpower to a country founded on the ideals of democracy and freedom. After 81 hours, he emerges transformed.

Follow the saga of this undocumented Chinese immigrant/indentured slave in 21st century America.


Byron Au Yong (music)

Aaron Jafferis (words)


Stuck Elevator is a project of Creative Capital, produced by Beth Morrison Projects.

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