Solaris Vocal Ensemble – Giselle Wyers, conductor




Led by conductor Giselle Wyers, the Solaris Vocal Ensemble performs a program of contemporary American music that includes works by Meredith Monk, the 2012 Musical America Composer of the Year; Ingram Marshall, whose music concentrates on combining tape and electronic processing with ensembles and soloists; Anne LaBaron, whose compositions embrace an exotic array of subjects; and Frances White, whose study of the shakuhachi informs and influences her works as a composer. All world premiere recordings, these works reflect a renaissance of innovation in the field of choral music.

1. Hackney Tune – Ingram Marshall
2-4. Floodsongs – Anne LeBaron
5. far, still – Frances White
6. Wedding March – Meredith Monk


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Steve Peters – Index Filicum


* * *

Four-channel sound installation presented by Experimental Sound Studio as part of their Florasonic series. Four voices (Jeremiah Cawley, Amy Denio, Katherine Hanson, Maria Mannisto) sing the Latin names of nearly all of the species in the conservatory’s Fern Room, over drones derived from a field recording of the room. The common English names of the ferns are whispered in the background.

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