SHOW – Litany for the Whale – April 3rd and 5th, 2013

Litany Trailer from Erin Elyse Burns on Vimeo.

“Litany is an immersive multi video projection installation by video artist Erin Elyse Burns that explores mental imagery inspired by composer John Cage’s 1980 vocal work entitled “Litany for the Whale.” The Cage piece has a call and response structure reminiscent of religious chants written for two voices. The video installation is designed to complement the sound through a series of vignettes, which build upon each other. The imagery draws on winter in the Northwest, analogies of the mind during meditation and visual pairings; steam, fog, smoke; whispers, screams; light and line. I have recorded one of the two voices at the Richmond Parish Church in London.  This recording is embedded in the video and on Wednesday, April 3rd and at the closing reception on Friday, April 5th, Jeremiah will perform the second voice live with the recorded version within the video installation to an intimate audience. We will offer two public performances each date with capacity at approximately 30 people each performance. Tickets are available free (please donate if you can!) from Brown Paper Tickets.

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