SHOW – DeCachetitoRaspado (Cheek to Stubbled Cheek) – Bent Frequency


DeCachetitoRaspado (Cheek to Stubbled Cheek), a Comic-Hemofiction opera created by two extraordinary Mexican artists:  Juan Trigos, composer and conductor; and Juan Trigos Synister, novelist, playwright and librettist. Through their works, both artists engage with culturally relevant and significant social themes, such as absence, alcohol and drug abuse, and women’s roles in the household and in society, opening a door to their conscience, urging us to reflect and to peek into the depths of our own. The story: During their sterile matrimony and their attempt to escape it through continual drunkenness, Primancianita and Juansorisa give birth to two imaginary sons. These children become absent spectators and create a kind of fictional theater. Featured in the production are: composer and conductor Juan Trigos; stage director Luis Martín Solís: painter and scenographer Luciano Trigos; mezzo-soprano Amy Sheffer; baritone César Torruella; soprano Daniela D’Ingiullo; tenor Esteban Cordero; co-choreographers, actresses and dancers Daniela Arroio and Anna Mariscal; the Zeitgeist Chorus directed by Deanna Joseph; and Bent Frequency.

*** DeCachetitoRaspado will be sung in Spanish with English supertitles****

Tickets can be purchased through Bent Frequency’s Eventbrite. For more information call 404-981-3023.

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